Subsonica interview European Tour 2015

SUBSONICALondon – This band is loved by thousands and thousands of people and their concerts are full of jumping fans. They are the Subsonica and showed at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire last Saturday.

Their lovers waited for hours behind the entrance to stay as closest as possible to them. It was great.

Everyone sang, jumped and danced from the first to the last note. This group is able to strike directly the heart of people.  People came from everywhere. There were two Italian girls, Carolina and Francesca, coming from Turin.

The organisation TIJ EVENTS never fails.  Their pulses, that make people and the same members of the group dance, are ever valued and particular.

Samuel, writer and composer of the lyrics, flirted with his audience. People stood shaking their hands to the sky to clap or to make pictures. Facebook was full of their pictures.  Everything was perfect.

This is a band that made the history of the music, in Turin and not only.

Each component of the group can show in a different way his fury, his feelings that arrived with vim to the stomach of who is listening them to.  We interviewed Davide Dileo, keyboardist. Fans call him Boosta.

-“You published seven albums, holding together for 18 years. How is your relationship?”

It’s not easy. It needs intelligence. Something goes better, something goes worse but the most important thing is to walk together to the same future.

It’s obviously important to preserve our private life in fact among an LP and a tour we continue to do our things. This is the trick.

-“The new album is called “Una nave nella foresta”. Why?”

The name represents a metaphor. It represents something that can’t exist. It shows our idea of “Not belonging to”.  We were inspired by the Piemontese “a ship in the wood”. We thought that it could show the feeling of “not belonging to” of our generation. Our album is a collection of 10 portraits: 10 songs that represent 10 people. We know that the change is in ourselves. And we can’t wait anymore.

-“You dedicated this album to Don Gallo, didn’t you?”

He represents the “ship in the wood” par excellence. He always fights against everything and everyone just to making right. He allows us to believe in a better world because he dedicated all his entire life to help needy people.

-“Does a song represent the situation of Italy in these days?”

Yes. It could be “Lazzaro”. It doesn’t represent an exhortation. It means that if you want something you must do something to obtain it. Anyone else will do it.

-“European Tour 2015. How is your relationship with Italians that live abroad?”

It’s amazing. It’s a sort of communion with them. We are together; we share the same stage with known and unknown people. Nothing is reproducible. You know what sounds great? English seems astonished when listen to us. We represent Italy but our idea of Italy is different from what they expect.

We collaborated with Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the greatest artist of contemporary art  and poor in the world. Together we made the last song of the album “Terzo Paradiso”. He contacted us for a partnership. “Terzo Paradiso” is his masterpiece. We liked his collaboration. He isn’t a singer but it doesn’t matter. Music is art.”

-“What about the music that continue to touch your souls?”

Our fortune is make and live it. We live our truer passions.

-“What do you want to say to the young that make music?”

It doesn’t exist a magic wand. You must want it with all your soul. It’s different wanting to be a musician for love and to be a musician for money. If you need to make music it’s because you have something to say to the world. Being honest will be esteemed.

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