LP Heart to Mouth, a mix of lyrical romanticism and rock

LP, a mix of lyrical romanticism and rock.

Laura Pergolozzi (stage name: LP) is an Italo-American singer who has now came out with a brand new album entitled ‘Heart to Mouth’ released on the 7th of December.

She became well known in Italy and in the rest of Europe when the record label Warner Bros. refused her song ‘Lost on You’ in 2015.

She had to sign a contract with a small record label but allowed her to debut in the European musical scene.

She had written songs for other artists including Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera, by becoming an international acclaimed artist.

The ’Heart to Mouth’ album reflects her passion for the lyrical music and the intention to combine the dramatic characteristics of the opera with rock genre and her passion for soundtracks of the Italian films of the ‘60s.

LP participated in the last edition of “La Notte Della Taranta” in Taranto where she sang ‘pizzicarella’, one of the most famous song of Salento; the news of her participation was given by a video message transmitted during the press conference at the headquarters of Banco di Napoli, preceded by a flash mob of sixteen dancers.

A world star of “cultured” pop, she has almost been compared to artists and songwriters like Bob Dylan, David Bowie, her best hit ‘Lost on You’ has obtained over 100 million visualizations on the web and the most listened song of ‘Heart to Mouth’ on Spotify is ‘Girls Go Wild’: with 4,5 million plays.

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