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London – Do you like radio and anything related to the broadcasting world? Would you like to become a radio host? Improving your diction? Here you are London ONE, the bilingual 24h radio station in London that can help you with your radio courses.

A team of professionals will let you enter into the magical world of radio. This will be done via video courses (for those who are in Italy) or with ‘face to face’ workshops at London ONE studios (for those who are in London)

The courses aim at teaching the basics of radio productions techniques by improving your diction too. The latter is important to acquire a good pronunciation of your language that will help in your life, to better present yourself at your job’s interviews, for example.

As it has been said: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.
LondonONEradio radio courses are unique, based on the experience of experts and people who have been doing radio for years. They are divided into 4 sections:

  • Course The ABC of conduction
    Radio Journalism course (differences between UK and IT)
    Diction course 
  • A radio automation program will also be sold to start making your

Planning and organising a radio station is not easy, because radio should sound entertain and informative – sometimes funny – for listeners and not for the team who have to follow rules, procedures in order to deliver professional and qualitative contents to their audience.

That is why radio conduction is not a game, but a very responsible day-to-day commitment, it takes a lot of determination and often passion is not enough.

Consequently, LondonONEradio radio  courses are real lessons that help you understand how to structure a news, an information on air, how to make a playlist or how to attract your listeners.

It is a course that motivates you and is determined to create and guiding people who are really interested in broadcasting.
Often a good conductor does not need to have a good voice, we dispel this common thought, but they must have creativity and a magnetic spirit that attract listeners.

All of this will be studied and implemented into LondonONEradio radio courses that will start at the end of February and continuing throughout the year.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued and you can use it for your CV or for other radio experiences. To book London ONE Radio course send an email to

Attentiona good radio course must have a price appropriate to the quality, be wary of those who put the courses in boxwood cost. A good radio course can costs but the results are excellent and give you useful and good basis to knocking on the doors of big broadcasting companies. The price shows their quality, do not forget it.

PS: there are also video courses for those who are not in London and they will soon be put online.

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