Interview with Giovanni Allevi

giovanni-allevi-defaultby Ludovica Marani italoeuropeo

Giovanni Allevi is performing on February 27th at the Cadogan Hall, in London, so opening an european tour which is landing in Italy on March 27th (Rome) till the end of April 2015. A journey into our soul just to rise again and love the entire world. LondonONEradio and Italoeuropeo had the pleasure of interviewing him.

It’s so significant rediscovering love in a world characterized by wars, noise and confusion. Is your last album LOVE a real need?

Yes, I felt this strong personal need that could match a collective need. We have to pay attention to love. I had been also inspired by Pope Francis’ speeches about the importance of coming back to humility, bringing the ideologies down and redescovering ourselves as misterious creatures so to discover even the others.

LOVE has been burned at the Abbey Road Studios, here in London. Can you talk about this experience?

What a satisfaction! Optical disc authoring is the final care for sound, you know. First of all, LOVE has been recorded in Milan at the SAE Institute, a university center for audio-video production famed all over the Europe. Then, we have been to London where Ian Jones, the sound engineer of the Abbey Road Studios – where Love has been burned – told us that the sound was already perfect.

Have you alreay chosen the track with which you will open the concert here in London on February 27th?

Well, I like old manners: I want to play the entire album. 13 tracks which recount all the aspects of love: romantic love, love for ourselves, family love, cathartic love to catalyze myself and my fans.

Both of us are immigrants abroad, so we do know how important is the family and how difficult it is to take care of the affections you have in your own country. Your track Family is precisely dedicated to your family. How much significant is it?

It’s basic, I think. According to me, family it’s the most important thing in our lives. I’m always far from home because of my career, so I do understand those guys who leave their home just to follow their dreams. So, I wanted to speak about this feeling with a joyful track that takes life from a reunion with my relatives. They were making noise while I was looking for silence, so I locked myself into a room and I wrote this track thinking about that: even though it is noisy and a little bit crazy, it is my family and I love it!

Maybe not everybody knows that Allevi, just like the Little Prince, has got his own asteroid which the NASA has recently dedicated to him. What about this story? Have you ever seen it turning around the universe?

That’s a loving gesture I received by the NASA that has dedicated me the asteroid 111561, now named Allevi. That’s why I decided to name a track of LOVE Asteroid 111561.

Nowadays your concerts are crowded but, at first, you started with a concert in where there were just 4 persons. The emotion you feel is always the same?

Absolutely. If one day I understand to feel no longer that kind of emotion , that will be the moment to give up. Because it’s breautiful when you feel that way: something apparently unpleasant that suddenly turns into joy. Just so I’m able to understand that all the sacrifices and the studies I made during my entire life are important. Unfortunately, after concerts my life comes back to disrepair!

Giovanni, are you scared by crytisism?

Not anymore. I used to be scared. I received lots of criticisms, even unfair. But I’ve always put my heart, my soul and my honesty in my music. So, criticisms have made me stronger and aware that an artist has to be free and he/she doesn’t have to change for nobody. My whole life is based on freedom of expression.

Listen to the complete interview on LondonONERadio. Giovanni has given us the special gift of using a track never gone on air before, It doesn’t work. We thank him for this beautiful present.

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