Festival di Sanremo’ is reaching its target, the youth

Saremo ( from our reporter) At the third press conference, Teresa De Santis, Head of RAI 1 TV channel, thanked the whole team who is taking care of the ‘Festival di Sanremo’. She mentioned the important goal reached: the youth. This is a type of audience that Rai 1 lost in the latest few years and which is trying to get it back again.

There was, in fact, 64% of shares amongst young people between 8-14 years old last night and 52,4% of share between 15.24 years old.

Claudio Fasulo, RAI 1 vice director, underlined the peacks reached during the whole second night. 14.259 million were watching the ‘Festival di Sanremo’ yesterday during Claudio Baglioni and Fiorella Mannoia’s performance.

Another peack was reached during Pio and Amedeo performance on stage, and more than 2 million of people were sharing the Festival on social media. ‘Dopo Festival’ and ‘Prima Festival’ shows are increasing their audiences too.

Tonight the 12 artists who are going to perform are:

  • Mamhood

  • Enrico Nigiotti

  • Anna Tatangelo

  • Ultimo

  • Francesco Renga

  • Irama

  • Patty pravo cnn briga

  • Cristicchi

  • Boomdabash

  • Motta

  • Zen circus

  • Nino d angelo e livio cori

Tonight’s guests:

  • Fabio Rovazzi

  • Ornella Vanoni

  • Paolo cevoli

  • Umberto Tozzi

  • Serena Rossi

Tomorrow, instead, Luciano Ligabue will be back on stage with Claudio Baglioni to pay tribute to Francesco Muccini. Firthermore, Baglioni is satisfied that the songs, performed at the Festival, are being played and broadcasted on the national radios.

Caludio Bisio, who confessed having lost his self-confindence at the first night, revealed that yesterday he was feeling better. Hoever he still trying to improve himself tonight.

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