Londra –  More than 90 shows in 32 countries worldwide
The VITA CE N’È WORLD TOUR starts from the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany with twin sell-out
concerts and it’s going on with the great success of the european leg. There are 81 dates already
announced in 32 countries with more than 400,000 pre-sold tickets.
A few months after the release of the new VITA CE N'È album and his extraordinary participation as a
guest star at the 69th Sanremo Festival, Eros Ramazzotti is back in concert with a great new live
adventure. It is a special occasion which celebrates his 35 years in the music business.

A new world tour, 90 concerts, how do you face this committment and which is your physical training?

A live tour is a mental and physical tension so it’s essential to be very concentrate understanding how to
bear the stress, but after years it becomes almost a habit to take lots of flights, change hotels, eat different foods and meet always a lot of people. I think physical training is basic, especially if you travel all over the world.

You always travelled ‘round the world with International shows, amazing stages and globally renowned

musicians. Which is the look of Vita ce n’è World tour’s stage?The stage represents life, I always wanted to improve my shows and people are used to see my willness to
change, in every moment, concert by concert…
How many countries you’ll visit with your tour? There’s one of these you prefer?

I can tell you where I DON’T go! I’ll be on tour almost everyhere, lots of countries. I don’t have a favourite one because people who come to my concerts, from all different places, are equally wonderful. There’s no a population I like more than others. Travel is a passion for me and I sang about it in “Terra Promessa” so I have to be happy to travel with my music.

Could you tell us something curious about touring you keep in your heart?
There’s lots of moments I remember, but in particular the one in Uzbekistan, two years ago: a guard knew one of my songs, it was surprising, a beautiful moment.

 How it’s amazing for you listening people who sing your song from the other side of the world?
Now more than ever! We have a lot of music now, and there’s also “competition”, everyone can make an
album, a song…there’s internet, Youtubers, new ideas and everyone can have success, now it’s more
difficult to enter in people’s hearts, but a long career and a good work in years it’s always recognized and
appreciated everywhere.

 At the opening of your show we glimpsed a symbol: the tree of life, that’s your last tattoo. What this symbol represent for you? 

It means life, family, my sons.. I’v got all these things marked on my skin

How will you organize with your family in the coming months?
When I’m on tour I’ve always my family’s pictures and when it’s possible all of them flesh and blood. A tour is like a big circus that travels all over the world so, when we can’t have with us our families, it’s beautiful to have photos or keep in touch with them through the phone. It’s amazing to travel like this but you have to sacrifice your normal life, but a unified family can undertand everything.


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