Avocado Toast – The New Single by Annalisa, is Now Out!

London, Maria Vittoria Bognetti


The artist is both a singer-songwriter and an anchorwoman, famous in the Italian artistic scene for her talent in this industry. Her experiences in the music world are countless, and begin when she was a very young artist, but she was first discovered at the talent show Amici di Maria de Filippi, and this allowed her to start her career.

As she explained, Avocado Toast can be seen as a painting: it is at times abstracts, and at others impressionist, with a mix of surrealism and a touch of folly and irony. Everything hold together by the willingness of the the artist to create a track that describes this summer as relaxed, hot, sensual and fun, “Let’s leave any seriousness for September” she adds.

This summer song is different from the others we are going to listen to in the most loved season of the year – it is here to express that feeling of relaxation that only summer can provide, a sensation of carefreeness, when the mind is completely free from any “noises” from the ordinary city life. And from here we also understand the peculiar choice of the title, which aims at evoking such feelings.

Avocado Toast is a new musical chapter for the singer and gives us a hint on Annalisa’s future project, allowing us to have a first ‘sneak peek’ of what her new album will look like.




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